Be Bikini Ready


Summer will be here before you know it So, whether you’re getting bikini ready, or just wanting to be in better shape our 6 week “Bikini Ready by Vai” program is a Total Body Makeover Plan right for you.

This 6-week program takes the best muscle-sculpting exercises and combines them with heart-pounding, fat-burning moves! It’s going to be challenging, but nothing worth having comes easy! You can do this, let’s get it started!

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What’s Included:

  • A 1-hour private consultation and fitness evaluation with our Trainers
  • Full Body Measurements and body fat composition using the high tech InBody – Body Scan and discussion of goals
  • Measurements will be done at the start, half-way point, and completion of the plan
  • A mini fitness evaluation to determine your fitness level
    The option of adding private training.
  • You will receive 15% off a Private Training package (to be used during your program or within 3 months of the completion of the program)
  • You will receive 20% off on Group Training memberships and Pilates Reformer classes for 3 months after completion of the program 
  • You will be provided with  Nutrition Guidance 
    6 Weeks of 3x week; Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6:30 pm. 50 minutes classes designed specifically for this
  • program
    20% off Vai Fitness clothing 
    Constant guidance and encouragement from our amazing team  

Training breakdown:


Day 1:

Heavy weight and kettlebell intensive lower body workout once a week Examples: hip thrusts with barbell, deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, squats, leg press, lunges, single-legged variations, kettlebell, lateral lunges. Instructor- Mandy S


Day 2:

Band work, lighter weight/more reps for glutes/hamstrings and abs once a week: mountain climbers, kneeling crunch, woodchopper, Russian twist, reverse crunch, planks, scissors, leg raises. Instructor-Jana V


Day 3:

Upper body mixed with plyo lower body workout (no weight, more movement, cardio) once a week: lat pull downs, tricep dips, around the worlds, front raises, lateral raises, assisted pull ups. Instructor-Silvia G and Hoku

Bikini Body Cannot be more Easier

Criteria of selection of participants:

Clients will need to have some previous workout knowledge (know how to do a squat, lat pull down, plank, basic movements like that); currently working out at a gym, play a sport as a hobby, or some sort of physical activity; looking for clients who want exposure to a new workout program that can help them achieve their goals faster; maybe they’re stuck or bored with their routine and want to challenge themselves.