Once again I would like to thank my client Kirsten who is sponsoring a GO FUND ME campaign to help Vai Fitness survive this pandemic crisis. And also to thank all the people who have contributed to help me through this very difficult time. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love for all of you. Thank you so much for all the love and support for Vai Fitness.

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Ladies! This is the perfect time to get your goals met!

While everything is put on hold, fitness dowsn’t have to be. We bring you online classes through ZOOM.

Be Bikini Ready in 6-Weeks

Transformation Plan for the summer!

It's time to work it out

We help you achieve your goal just by soaking you in inspiration to get into that habit you always wanted. It will be easy as daisy. 


Message From Silvia: “I know this is a difficult time for all of us. I am very appreciative of all my clients at Vai for supporting us. I will be forever grateful if you can HELP US HELP OUR TRAINERS”

Reformer Pilates

Let's work it, ladies! Getting FLEXIBLE and FIT is the way to go. We have a lot of variations for you to choose

GROUP/Circuit Training

If you are the WEIGHTS type of girl, we got you covered too. We offer group training, kick boxing and other variations

Body Transformation Program

If TRANSFORMATION is your mantra, we got you covered too. We tailor-make the program to fit your choices

Workout in a friendly environment!

See the results you always EXPECTED!

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What Our customers say

Silvia and her trainers are top notch and they make fitness achievable for anyone, regardless of their beginning fitness level or age. Group classes are small, individual attention is given to each participant and modifications are offered to ensure safe and productive results. As a 64 year old woman, I love reformer Pilates. The women I’ve met through Vai Fitness have become great friends who also socialize outside the fitness realm. Silvia has created a fitness environment that motivates me physically and brings me great comradery.

Cyntia Poblete

Silvia Giamanco changed my life! My viewpoint towards healthy living transitioned from a pack of Camel Lights, Mountain Dew, and one Wendy’s cheeseburger to competing in a Masters (35+) bikini competition – I placed third! She holds such great tenacity and passion for fitness, it is revealed through her creativity and natural nurturing spirit. Her encouragement, along with her consistent nudge is exactly what was needed for me to keep motivated. I applaud Silvia for her drive, mentorship, and most importantly- believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself! Thank you!

Julie Kwon Evans

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