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Silvia is the founder and owner of Vai Fitness. She began her journey as a professional triathlete at age 15. Now, with over 20 years of experience as a coach and personal trainer, She's helped countless clients achieve remarkable physical transformations while emphasizing year-round fitness sustainability.


Beyond physical results, her passion lies in helping individuals find happiness and confidence, believing that feeling good leads to success in all aspects of life. She prioritizes long-term health investments, steering clear of shortcuts like yo-yo dieting and over-exercise.


Certified in Stott Pilates Reformer and all Pilates apparatus since 2010, she has a degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Exercise Physiology. With numerous certifications including ACE Personal Trainer and CrossFit 1, she brings expertise to each session.

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Abby is a movement coach, Argentine Tango dancer, and SDSU alumna, with certified expertise in anatomy, functional movement, and structural integration.


Abby is dedicated to sharing her deep passion for movement. She strives to assist individuals in developing new movement patterns, enhancing physicality, and fostering a profound sense of well-being.


With a focus on biomechanics, movement and tango, Abby brings a fresh perspective to training, aiming to infuse the community with greater delight and enjoyment through pain-free movement. 

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Energized to guide clients on an exhilarating Pilates journey, Melissa is committed to ensuring that her sessions are not only accessible, but also a thrilling experience for everyone. Tailoring each session to amplify core strength, and body control, she brings her 2018 certification and vibrant experience from other local studio to the lively atmosphere of Vai Fitness in Cortez Hill since 2022. With a teaching career dating back to 2007, Melissa specializes in making prenatal Pilates as invigorating as it is beneficial.

Melissa is a firm believer in the exhilarating potential of Pilates, focusing on igniting core strength and body control. Beyond the studio, she aims to establish a powerful foundation and refine inner strength, principles that seamlessly weave into various workouts and daily life, making every moment a dynamic experience. Melissa's unique approach combines impeccable form, contagious enthusiasm, and a splash of hard work, promising clients not just a session but an amazing, rewarding experience.

Hailing from Michigan, Melissa, a devoted University of Michigan Wolverines football fan, not only brings extensive Pilates expertise but also boasts a background as a skilled tennis player turned avid pickleball enthusiast. Her athletic journey encompasses varsity cheerleading, basketball, softball, and the accomplishment of a marathon, along with completing three half marathons in San Diego.

In her role as an educator, Melissa has achieved notable success, leading her third-grade class to the highest math scores in Chula Vista, the state's largest elementary school district. Beyond her Pilates instruction, Melissa finds joy in walking and hiking with her dog, infusing vibrancy into her active lifestyle.

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Jenni, joyfully stumbled upon the world of Pilates in the summer of 2019 while managing the front desk. Despite not having an athletic background and facing some residual back discomfort from past incidents, Pilates emerged as a transformative force in her life. Delving into classes during the fall, the positive impact was undeniable.

Jenni, committed to the teacher training program, launching into in-person training by February 2022. Achieving certification by May 2023, her love for Pilates flourishes daily, fueling an unwavering dedication to improvement. Having relocated from the Bay Area to San Diego in August 2023, she has cherished her experience working at four Bay Area locations and continue to thrive in this vibrant community. Pilates, beyond being a passion, has been a beacon of positivity, offering not only physical well-being but also fostering a deep connection with her body.

This connection empowers her to guide others on their own transformative journey, honoring their bodies and enjoying the boundless benefits of Pilates. It's more than a workout; it's a celebration of vitality and joy!

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Erin received her comprehensive Pilates Certification from Gramercy Pilates New York City. She taught individualized Pilates sessions at Equinox in Toronto, including for clients rehabilitating or recovering from injuries. She has an extensive background in movement, having attended "The Fame School" in NYC for dance, and training at the Joffrey Ballet School and The Ailey School. She is passionate about providing clients a personalized approach to connect them to the “how” and “why” of Pilates and sees Pilates as key to living a rich and long life for its ability to improve strength, flexibility, posture, and most importantly, a mind-body connection. Her favorite piece of equipment is the Wunda chair! She brings a unique perspective to her classes after living in diverse cities such as New York, Buenos Aires, Milan, and Toronto and is fluent in Spanish.

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