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One more Kettlebell Bell class available. Check out the schedule !!






Welcome to Vai Fitness!!


Vai Fitness is dedicated to providing its clients with a complete array of services to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals through personalized programs which motivate, educate and inspire our clients to a healthy, balanced, active lifestyle.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Kathleen Brown 
I love Vai Fitness!  The work-outs are tough but the instructors are very fun.  I already feel and look better.


Leslie M.
A workout that kicks your butt. Silvia is amazing! Be prepared to work hard and get results. Oh, Vai also has fab workout clothes!


Sesc R.
I joined Vai Fitness because of their Vai INTERVENTION program. Very intense and very fun to do, they help you, no matter the level, to gain control of your body and improve at everything. I spent 9 years doing nothing but siting down and this has been a major change in my lifestyle. You've got to want it and they will sure make you work for it, but its absolutely worth it.


Silvia Corona 

Silvia knows her stuff! She will work your butt off (literaly, if you try her bundalates class). I've been going to her for close to two months, and I'm noticing the difference in my body and strength. If you want to be babied, this is not the class for you, but if you want to get lean, toned, she will motivate you.




(619) 206-9506